”Hey, Kitty!” Soloperformance

Solo performance

“Reap roses and do not forget me”
Anne Frank

The solo performance is based on the diary of Anne Frank and a poem written by an unknown 12-year-old girl. The actions carried out during the performance are developed twofold: on stage and on-screen as a movie. The story in the film starts at the end and plays backward, while the action on stage proceeds from the beginning to the end. All the scenes of the film and on stage are displayed separately, but together they form an integrated whole that complement each other.
A girl named Kitty finds and tries on old shoes which are beautiful and seems very comfortable. The shoes are so well matched that seems to have always belonged to Kitty. After a very short period of time the ordinary shoes become very dear for Kitty, they are more than shoes that seems to hear her. After a while strange things begin to happen with the girl: appearing of the memories which she never had, feelings which she has never felt, these are gradually turning into hallucinations and nightmares. Kitty is trying to get rid of the shoes but to no avail as if they are glued to the feet and there is no way out. The terrible stories are becoming more clear and do not give her a rest. Kitty is trying to adapt and hear the shoes. A short life story is braided from seemingly separate pictures. Telling the whole story the shoes are falling from her feet by themselves saying: ”Reap roses and do not forget me”… Kitty acknowledges that the shoes which she had found from the pile of shoes had been belonged to Anne Frank who died in 1945 at the age of 15 but perpetuated by her diary which was called ”Kitty”.
Looking again at the pile of shoes she starts brooding:

In empty spaces,
Bound by wire as if by cobweb,
There grow piles of shoes, shoes of the dead:
small shoes, children’s shoes, men’s shoes, girls’ shoes,
High riding boots
shine with black eyes,
ladies’ boots made from Morocco leather
speak a mysterious language of their own.
The rain pours over them without a sound, like tears,
they are burnt by the sun.
They are sorted by nervous, trembling hands,
The piles grow, piles like giants,
Becoming pyramids,
Rising above themselves,
Thrust into the sky like columns
Shouting: Why, why, why?

Kitty decides to fulfill Anne’s dream and to live as Anne would have lived if stayed alive.
Idea, choreography, libretto and directing by Rima Pipoyan
Composer: Anna Segal
Dancer: Rima Pipoyan

Directed by Davit Grigoryan
Screenplay: Rima Pipoyan, Davit Grigoryan
Music: Anna Segal, Elena Rykova
Cameraman: Melqon Minasyan
Editing: Vanik Marikyan
Production designer: Nare Ghazaryan
Costumes: Rima Pipoyan, Davit Grigoryan

Tateve Thomas
Maria Divanyan
Arina Araratyan
Vahagn Margaryan
Rima Pipoyan

Photographer: Sargis Virabyan

With the support of “Choreography Development” Educational and Cultural Foundation


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